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Prescribing pharmacist Murray Foreman

Posted by Papamoa Pines at 4:08 PM on Jun 17, 2020


We are delighted to have access to Murray Foreman as a prescribing pharmacist.

Murray Foreman who is a prescriber, pharmacist and an emergency medical technician is joining our team in a triage role working 3 days per week . He is also an expert in questions about medications. Our team is trying to improve access to on the day appointments. Murray is able to treat and provide prescriptions or advice where appropriate but will also be able to effectively triage you into appointments with the nurse or doctor.

There is also increasing evidence that many patient problems can be managed effectively over the phone without having to see someone in the clinic and we will begin to provide this service at a reduced consultation rate of $25 for for a quick telephone triage: -  if your problem can be quickly solved by triage rather than an in person or telemedicine consult there is a reduced charge.
General practice needs to lead the ongoing fight against COVID-19 and demonstrate that general practice clinics are  a safe environment for patients and staff. 

Other than a proposed initial telephone consult for those with cold or flu symptoms we would never deny a patient the opportunity of a face to face consult.

There are also some symptoms and conditions which are not appropriate for telehealth.
We are simply trying to improve your choice and make things easier to work into your busy lives.
We’d love to hear from you about these types of services and if you would be someone who is likely to use telehealth for some of your appointments?

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