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Please click here if you have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19 and to access information from official websites about Covid-19.

If you have any concerns after you test positive please contact us and a doctor or nurse will get back in touch ASAP.
In an emergency dial 111 and use Healthline for information.

Please use official websites to find the latest information about Covid-19 from the sources tasked with providing these updates.
Our staff do not have access to this information before it is made public

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Papamoa Pines



Caring for your child with Covid-19

Posted by Papamoa Pines at 8:25 AM on Mar 1, 2022


If your child has COVID-19, it can be a worrying time for you. But most children with COVID-19 will have a mild illness. Watch Emily, one of the doctors at Starship Children's Emergency Department, give advice about common and less common COVID-19 symptoms, how to care for your child with COVID-19 at home, and when to see a doctor. The video is aimed at caregivers of children who have been to the Starship Children's Emergency Department but it is relevant to caregivers of children throughout Aotearoa.

Click here to view the video