Government funding changes mean Covid related visits may now incur charges at your GP

Posted by Papamoa Pines at 11:47 AM on Feb 7, 2023


New changes to funding for GP visits for Covid-19 related issues have been announced by the Covid Care in the Community team in Wellington - ( Health New Zealand )
This means that going forward, Acute Covid care visits to your GP may no longer be free of charge
The changes in this funding framework will be implemented on 13 February 2023
The Care in the Community model and funding was designed for Delta. Now that we have Omicron, very high vaccination and natural immunity levels, RATs for self testing and wide availability of PPE, Care of COVID patients is not as onerous, risky or time
consuming. The changes reflect the evolution of how COVID-19 is being managed, from a pandemic to a targeted intervention response for those at higher risk of poorer health
Patients requiring antiviral treatment or who have issues with Long -Covid will still be eligible for funded visits
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