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Papamoa Pines



HiP new role at Papamoa Pines!

Posted by Papamoa Pines at 2:50 PM on Feb 3, 2022


A health improvement practitioner is part of a general practice team. They work with patients to achieve goals by providing support and follow-up for issues related to mental health. 
They can see people of all ages and at all stages of their lives and help with any type of issue related to behaviour change or mental wellbeing. 
A health improvement practitioner can see people immediately when they are in the GP clinic to provide support. Your GP or doctor may refer you to a health improvement practitioner when you are in a GP clinic and you can usually see them immediately.
A typical consultation with a health improvement practitioner will take about 30 minutes and is usually focused on evidence-based brief interventions. They can also educate other team members and help to develop pathways and protocols around mental wellbeing and addiction support. 


Margie Proposch-Bacon  will be fulfilling this role at Papamoa Pines - click here to find out more about her in the team section,