Same Day Online and After-hours GP Appointments

Posted by Papamoa Pines at 10:36 AM on Nov 28, 2023



Same Day Online and After-hours GP Appointments

Practice Plus is a same-day online and after-hours GP consultation service for appointments that suit you. The Practice Plus service is an extension to your regular Papamoa Pines team.

Practice Plus is available weekdays until 10pm and weekends and public holidays 8am – 8pm.

There is no need to download an app or change your Clinician to access this service. When you register for Practice Plus, they will ask for some personal details so they can identify you, but you will still be enrolled with our medical centre.

If you have a medical emergency, immediately call 111 as Practice Plus is not appropriate for urgent medical conditions or concerns.

How it works

Using secure online video or phone technology a Practice Plus Clinician can privately, help treat most medical needs, sicknesses or injuries. Practice Plus can provide treatment and prescriptions directly to your pharmacy along with health counselling and off-work certificates.

If you need to be seen in person your Practice Plus Clinician will provide advice on the next steps and the services available including connecting you back with us. The notes of your appointment will be sent back to your GP unless you request these not to be shared.


  • $68 for ages 14 and over
  • $55 for ages 13 and under
  • If you are a Community Service Card holder, you will be charged $19.50 for the appointment.

You will be asked to enter your credit or debit card details when booking your appointment, however your card will not be charged until your appointment is completed.