Covid-19 Information

Please click here if you have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19 and to access information from official websites about Covid-19.

If you have any concerns after you test positive please contact us and a doctor or nurse will get back in touch ASAP.
In an emergency dial 111 and use Healthline for information.

Please use official websites to find the latest information about Covid-19 from the sources tasked with providing these updates.
Our staff do not have access to this information before it is made public

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We are here to help


We are here to help

Tested positive for Covid-19?

Posted by Papamoa Pines at 6:58 PM on Mar 1, 2022


The team here at Papamoa Pines Medical Centre will help look after you during an illness with COVID.
Your care will involve phone checks with the doctor or nurse.
In general, if you have mild symptoms and are low risk the call will be less often.
If you have more significant symptoms or are at risk of getting more unwell you may expect to receive a call every day.
You may have already been provided with a booklet to prepare you for your self-isolation period. You can access this booklet online here
If you have been asked to monitor your oxygen levels with a pulse oximeter please record your measurements

If you are getting more unwell or need an extra call please call the practice and request a phone call from the doctor or nurse. 

If you need help with other needs like obtaining food please call the Community Co-ordination Hub on 0800 798729.

If you feel more unwell when the practice is closed please call Healthline on 0800 3585453 if it is an emergency  call 111 and request an ambulance.
You must tell them that you are COVID positive so they can wear correct protective equipment while transporting you to hospital.

More information can be found at:

It is particularly important that you read the information at:
This gives you a guide for the course of the illness, symptom management and when to seek help.

Your household also needs to follow advice as household contacts and testing. Access to Rat and how to use can be found here:

Your illness is timed from the first day your symptoms start or the day of your swab if you do not have symptoms (Day Zero) and the minimum time you will spend in isolation depends on the current alert level which you can find here:

How to self-isolate | Unite against COVID-19 (

You will need to have been completely recovered for 3 days before being released from isolation. Thanks so much working with us to keep our communities safe 

Unite against COVID-19 (

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) | Ministry of Health NZ

Toi Te Ora Public Health