Travel Clinic

Posted by Papamoa Pines at 10:09 AM on Feb 25, 2019


Wherever you are going make sure you book in a check out your medical requirements, before you go, well before you go actually!
Travel is always very exciting...the opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, landscapes, exciting food and having a go at all the things you’ve always dreamed of doing, but never thought you'd actually get the chance to experience!
To ensure all you bring back are travel memories you’ll treasure, you should make travel vaccinations part of your travel planning checklist. 
Even if you're returning to your country of birth, you need to be correctly protected – especially if you’re traveling to Africa, Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Oceania or South America.   
You don’t want your trip being cut short or ruined by illness, or even run the risk of harming those close to you when you return because you didn't get the recommended travel vaccinations.
Come and see us before you go!